‘Artificial Leaf’ Solar Technology

Arificial Leaf

Mimicking Nature, Water-Based ‘Artificial Leaf’ Produces Electricity

So this is really cool. With all of the focus on solar power research, this is a really cool discovery. I have always been amazing with the complexity of leaves; there ability to produce energy, their tracking abilities. These small, flexible leaves utilize chloroplasts and electrodes to produce energy from sunlight. Velev states that now that the technology has been proven, the team will be working to tune the systems to act more efficiently. Such ‘soft’ technology has numerous applications above the common solid-style solar technologies available.


~ by Paul Nickerson on September 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “‘Artificial Leaf’ Solar Technology”

  1. This could be interesting, along with the solar power if they could create a way that these artificial leaves could produce oxygen that would be awesome. This could be very helpful since many plants are being removed for urban/ industrial sites!

  2. What about the idea of self-healing electricity-producing materials? Goopy (flexible)-electricity-producing stuff may be just the way to start the process of figuring out out to create “self-healing” products. Cool stuff!!

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